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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Well today high winds and heavy rain are threatened for Wales. Not the snow that’s hitting Scotland and the north of England thankfully. Still not pleasant. Guess who’s going out to work in it….

Meanwhile later today Wales are playing Ireland in the final of the Six nations. A Welsh victory will mean they will get the championship and the grand slam. Wife is with “the girls” to watch the match later. Me? I’ll probably be alone with Donald Trump (talking about a connection to things Stormy). But that’s for another day.

Personally for many reasons I hope Wales win. One of them being another credence to my newly discovered Welsh mathematical theorem that the success of the Welsh national team is in equal and direct proportion to it’s mess at club level.

West Ham incidentally are facing Huddersfield. They should win. But then again they should have beaten Cardiff City last week (still hurts).

Speaking of Cardiff the Labour council have ditched plans to create a congestion charge for cars entering the city centre. In terms of it’s timing it’s an arrogantly stupid idea typical of Welsh Labour. A few posts back I chatted about the cuts to the Cardiff council owned  bus service which incidentally would have probably put some people to use the car. There is also the oft criticised rail service.

Investment in public transport is the thing to do first. Then put the congestion charge in. Don’t pretend to be greener than the next person by imposing a charge whilst hampering someone’s chance of contributing to lowering fossil fuels.

Timing is everything. Welsh Labour in whatever guise never has it.

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