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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Living in Britain at the moment is weird. And come March 29 it will become even weirder as it becomes the North Korea of Europe. It occurred to me that what is needed to actually contemplate what the disunited kingdom has turned into is to step back and look at those issues which before 2016 you would have laughed at if you discussed it happening to Britain but now. Though no one would necessarily agree it will happen, the fact that it could happen is something few would deny.

Racism/Xenophobia : Almost from the moment the result of the election was announced there was a rise in incidents of racism and xenophobia as if the racists of Britain came out of their racist closet and became loud and proud.

And with the rise of racist attacks there is also from the right the notion of being patriotic. The trouble is here that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. There are as many people who proclaim their love of Britain as there are those suspicious of the motives of those propagating this.

Britain has it’s own “yellow jackets” but unlike France there are no questions as to the political allegiances of the protesters. They are a small group of extreme rightwingers (copying a French idea. Note the irony) who seem to get more violent with every week. Whilst Wales/Scotland are not immune from this it appears to mainly an English phenomenon.

Democracy is not just about voting. It’s also about the acceptance of the non violent view of others even if different from your own. This is the thing that made Britain different from other nations and this is the thing that Brexit has taken away more than anything else. It’s why the grave of Karl Marx has been regularly attacked.

Food/Medicine Shortages: This wasn’t on the side of that bus now was it? The possibility that Britain, and let’s say that again Britain, might be facing food and medicine shortages wasn’t shouted on the rooftops by the Leave people was it? This by the way in a nation where already the use of foodbanks is not unusual.

You know what Britain might become? Eastern Europe under communism where people queued for everything.

A hungry people. People who see their loved ones ill and without access to medicine will become an angry people which could lead to…….

Martial Law: Government is preparing for martial law in the event of social unrest. Martial law folks. No one in Britain truly knows what that means but the mere thought that you can blog about in Britain without feeling stupid should send chills.

Britain is also a country that no longer knows the meaning of the word nuance. The furore over Winston Churchill typifies this. You either believe that he was a great war leader or you believe he was responsible for atrocities in for example Ireland and Tonypandy here in Wales. The idea he could be both seems to be gone for most people here.

Media here is either mainly right wing or strives for balance even if “balance” means giving propaganda to people whose views are beyond the pale. There is one broadcaster here who said that people battling to remain in the EU should be “stopped”. Didn’t explain how. But that’s not the point. She had the confidence to say it. Britain today.

At the moment the right wing media are trying to blame the EU for this mess. But as the Goebbels of Brexit they seem to be running away from the consequences of actions they help promote which includes companies leaving Britain for Europe or just closing down entirely.

People say that the “moderate majority” could stop all of this. But this so called majority has allowed this situation to arise and is quiet. Moderation will not stop this. If it did the “mother of parliaments” would not have the nervous breakdown it’s currently undergoing. No more radical thinking is needed. In terms of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland independence is the answer.

Independence as I’ve said before will help the Celtic nations avoid the state of Denmark that Britain is fast becoming. You may argue with me. The above may not happen. But as I’ve also said before no one can honestly say that it won’t happen. And that’s the point.

Until the next time.