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Consider your European  Neighbour or Friend (or both), who has been living in the UK for year, they  may well have  married a local and raised children, but never applied for UK citizenship , because there was no real need to do so and they still were proud to be French, Dutch , German  or whatever EU country of origin.
They now after March and Brexit  face being labeled Aliens.
Now the BBC reports that the Home Office has been criticised for posting a message on social media urging EU nationals to apply “if they want to stay in the UK” after Brexit.

The tweet, sent on Thursday, tells EU citizens that they will need to confirm their status to “continue living in the UK after 31 December 2020”.It sets out how they can register for settled status and the cost involved.But critics said the timing of the campaign would go down badly while one MP said it was a “pay to stay” policy.Theresa May has said she wants all 3 million EU citizens currently living legally in the UK to stay after the UK leaves the EU, irrespective of whether the UK’s withdrawal agreement is passed by Parliament.An online system for EU nationals to register their details will open fully on 30 March 2019, hours after Brexit is scheduled to take place.EU nationals will have until 30 June 2021 to confirm their status. It will cost £65 for those over 16 and £32.50 for those under 16, although there will be no charge for those who already have indefinite leave to remain in the UK or permanent residence.People will have to have been resident before 31 December 2020, when the proposed post-Brexit transition period ends, in order to apply.All those who have been living continuously in the UK for five years will be eligible for settled status, giving them broadly the same rights as they have now.

That’s alright then  though of course an increasingly xenophobic iK could change things.

Anyone who has not be in the UK that long will be eligible for pre-settled status and be able to qualify for settled status once they have completed five years residence

What I wonder pf the Irish, who have traditionally had no problem working and settling in the UK even voting , will their status change, will they become aliens?

What of the status of Scottish people living in Wales and England after Independence, will a vindictive RUK decide that they are now European Aliens.

Whilst Scotland welcomes EU nationals and even tell English and Welsh people permanently living there they will have no problem getting a Scottish passport and Free movement in Europe?

The late Labour politician Tony Benn  spoke out against Scottish independence, saying splitting up Britain would divide him in half with a knife. In an interview with The Scotsman, the former Cabinet minister has spoken of his Scottish ancestry and his opposition to Alex Salmond’s plans. Mr Benn said the fact that his mother Margaret Eadie, a famous theologian, was from Glasgow had a great bearing on his view.
he told The Scotsman.

 “I have always been very strongly in favour of the Scottish Parliament and devolution, and I think it’s been a big success,” 
“If Scotland wants to be independent they have the absolute right to do so. But I think nationalism is a mistake. And I am half Scots and feel it would divide me in half with a knife. “The thought that my mother would suddenly be a foreigner would upset me very much.”

Tony Benn like Jeremy Corbyn  was an enthusiast for Brexit  but I wonder if he would have accepted the Tory Brexit in the same way theat Corbyn seems to have?

Oh and a message to Lexiters , this does not make me a Neo-Liberal and Blarite, just because I am apparently on the same side of Blair on this issue, anymore than I would accuse you of being a right win Tory for bring on the same side as Rees-Mogg and Johnson.

Of course there was Never any suggestion by Independistas  in Scotland that this would see the sought of move by our current Home Office to EU Nationals.

Imagine the outrage where British EX Pats living in the Costa Del Sol they will have to do the same by the Spanish Government?

Is this what people voted for in the Referendum? Was  it really about xenophobia rather than “Taking Control” , for those who still support Brexit maybe they should exam their reasons and come to an honest admission.