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Don’t be fooled by the spate of former Ukip leaders quitting the party. 

Alongside Nigel Farage his successor Paul Nutall, , Scottish David Coburn and Former UKIP Wales leader Nathan Gill has left the part citing tUkip moving to the far right.

The real reason is that they see no future for themselves in the party as the Brexit Day looms and they no longer have  (ironically) their lucrative  seats in the European Parliament

UKIP now has nine members in the European Parliament, with representatives in seven of the twelve European Parliament constituencies in the UK. Twenty-four UKIP representatives were elected in the 2014 election, but fourteen have since defected and one expelled.They have how ever read the omens and that even if Brexit was to fall at the last post , the future of LEAVE and the UK right will now be in a a Conservative Party either led by the likes of Boris Johnson or as an influential group.

Nigel Farage  may claim that has quit Ukip after 25 years in protest over new leader Gerard Batten’s ‘obsession with Muslims’ and his appointment of Tommy Robinson as an adviser on ‘Muslim rape gangs’. 

‘And so, with a heavy heart, and after all my years of devotion to the party, I am leaving Ukip today,’ he wrote in The Telegraph. ‘There is a huge space for a Brexit party in British politics, but it won’t be filled by Ukip.’

Don’t expect a sudden rush of applications by the above to join the Tories , but it wil not be long before they start appearing as Tory candidates and entering the UK parliament, still clinging to their  anti-immigration and anti-islamist views, claiming thtat they are nor far right because they condemn the rhetoric of their former party  and the likes of Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon).
They will be welcomed by political opportunists like Boris Johnson who will deny moving further right because they have the rump of Ukip to point to,
These are not honourable Men and Women, who opened the gate for racialists and indeed fascists, but will  claim it has nothing to do with them.
They should all be now treated as the Political Pariah, they actually are.