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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.So Mark Drakeford is now Welsh Labour leader and probably first minister next week. If the publicity is anything to go by this is a man who will bestride “twenty first century socialism” like  a colossus.


Let’s be clear about Red Cairns Drakeford as I’ve discussed in the past he has done nothing in his career that suggests nothing more than the branch manager of the Welsh office. Indeed he is so looking forward to his future position that he has described himself as a bridge to the new generation of Labour Welsh figures such as Vaughan “Mr Memory” Gething. Thing about being a bridge though…you get walked all over.

And let’s be clear what he has done as Finance Secretary. He has been part of the surrender of the Welsh Government’s powers to the feeble May government post Brexit. Also he has cut the grant to local authorities. As we have discussed previously Welsh Labour in the form of the local councils are blaming Welsh Labour in the form of the government. Thus cuts to local services will occur across Wales. He, Mark Drakeford has been on the forefront of this.

And if he so cared for the Welsh people why did he surrender the Brexit powers, vote against a People’s Vote in the Senedd and for the dumping of “nuclear mud” in Cardiff Bay.

Wales needs a First Minister with independence of spirit.

All Wales gets is Corbyn’s tool instead.

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