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The assasination and killing of investivagive journalists climbs graphically and exponentially. And if not killed .they are denigrated and dismissed as enemies of the people. When Trump and Erdogan and the Daily Mail call Investigative Journalists enemies of the people and call them unpatriotic.. When Trump celebrates at the White House a reception for the pain that Kavanaugh has been through. When a Bulgarian Journalist is raped and murdered.. we know the trajectory of the strong men who rule. When neither May or Hammond stand up for the case of investigation and of integrity of research we know that economics is preminent in the minds of state rulers.Post Brexit trade deals are more important than anything else. The experience of gum chewing right wing Republican males and their ‘pain’ is elevated while the victims of patriarchy and violence are ignored. Those who speak truth to power are secondary to those who are silent and obedient.. Arendt’s banality of evil is elevated to a sign that is hung around the neck of the strong men who rule. The new normal is now the phrase “Be silent and get on with your job. You know your place, just look the other way” Welcome to the World you got back , welcome to man I g you Country great again, welcome to the world so well described in Pink Floyd’s Album “Animals”…there are only three categories they want you to be so choose.. “Pig Dog or Sheep? Choose quickly it’s getting late…It’s just like filling in a DWP form. You know how..the decision maker will decide soon…”