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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I’ve chatted before about the building of the Hinckley Point nuclear plant a number of times before in this blog. But I felt drawn to chat about again after seeing a number of Twitter ads from the French company handling the project EDF about it.

In the first a young woman describes how she got an apprenticeship there. How it has made “a positive impact” on her life (Do young people really use the words “positive impact”? Really?).

But it was the second tweet I saw (Dated Sept 27 but I only first saw it yesterday) that really annoyed me. It goes as follows: “Hinckley Point C is creating a lasting, positive legacy for people, communities, jobs and skills across the South West”.

Throw EDF a poisson .

So what does South Wales get then? Aside from expensive energy which would have been less and more ecologically friendly if the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project had been agreed to?

Well you might say. I’m just displaying regional jealousy. But honestly I’m not. What really annoys me about those tweets is what South Wales is getting from Hinckley. The radioactive mud.

And that’s the point. If you’re from South Wales or live there as I do the impression these ads give is that it’s only good enough to have the waste product dumped there. There is no “positive legacy” for people, communities, jobs and skills there. Indeed in the worse case scenario (which remember Welsh Labour did not consider when agreeing to this) the legacy might be damaging for generations to come.

In ads image is everything. That’s the image these Twitter ads give the people of South Wales.

The dumping of the mud in Cardiff Bay will be debated at the Senedd on Wednesday. Which is personally unfortunate for me as I have to go to Essex then to see my mother. On my return though I’ll chat about the result including as I’ve suggested before boycotting EDF in Wales.

Until the next time.