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You’ve  got to admire the seemingly only active Liberal Democrats in Wales Peter Black .
As his party are still in under two figures in the polls,he can only try and and throw mud at other parties whilst he waits fir their long hoped for revival.

He may have said that he wants the UK to remain within the EU and that he supports a People’s Vote to enable that to happen, but one cannot help but feel that the new Plaid Cymru Leader remains ambivalent towards Brexit, and is secretly hoping that we leave so that he can advance his Independence agenda.
This latest interview with Adam Price certainly reinforces that impression, as he tells the BBC that if there is a “hard” Irish border and the UK leaves the EU single market and customs union “the appetite for Scottish independence and Irish unity” would be “insatiable”. The broadcaster adds that Price warned of a Wales “swallowed into an ‘England and Wales’ entity where we are at the mercy of Westminster”: …. 

…..Price’s clarity about Plaid Cymru’s ultimate aim of independence within ten years is welcome as it at least allows the party’s friends and foes to define the entity they are working for or against. However, his emphasis on what he views as at least one positive outcome of Brexit, as a phoenix rising from the ashes, does continue to raise questions about his commitment to stopping it.

I made the following comment on his Blog  ?

Any difference between Adam’s position and The Lib Dems obvious hope that as Brex It continues they will benefit from remainers, turning to them?

To which he replies Glyn, the Liberal Democrats are acting in a principled way to try and stop Brexit altogether. We are a long-standing pro-European Party and are not acting purely for electoral purposes as you allege. Adam Price however seems to view Brexit as a stepping stone to bigger political goals.

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Principled ?
I remind Peter that a Liberal Democrat candidate had to  apologised after his party published an advert suggesting Plaid Cymru supported a “hard Brexit”.
Elin Jones, the Plaid AM for Ceredigion, said the claim was untrue.
Mark Williams, who was seeking re-election as the constituency’s MP, wa forced to say   the Facebook advert was “nonsense” and has been removed.
The Welsh Lib Dem leader added that his party was “working with all against hard Brexit, including Plaid Cymru”.
In the Facebook advert, the Liberal Democrats said they were the only party “fighting to keep Britain in the single market at this election”.
The advert went on to say that “Plaid Cymru are backing an extreme Brexit, along with Labour, the Tories and UKIP”.

 Lib Dem advert

Jane Dodds, (you may well ask Jane who?)is  the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats,claims

wants to see the party not just delivering a clear message on Brexit 

The Lib Dems struggle to do better than 10% in UK polls but she argues her party is a natural home for pro-EU voters.
She recently said:

“If I’m honest, I don’t understand why all Labour voters who are remainers aren’t abandoning Labour because they really are siding with the Brexiteers.�

Adam Price said if there was a “hard” Irish border and the UK left the EU single market and customs union “the appetite for Scottish independence and Irish unity” would be “insatiable”.
He warned of a Wales “at the mercy of Westminster”..
In that he is absolutely correct in that Wales faces a bleak future after Brexit ,and  it may lead to a call for Independence..
But i may be putting words into his mouth, but, I doubt Adam relishes a Wales impoverished  and that  this will lead to a mass Independence call.
Indeed as he  constantly points out we are already the poorest part of Western Europe.
As an independista,i think Brexit will lead to Wales being absorbed into  England and continue to decline until it’s little more , than a tourist direction.
Rather than accuse Plaid  and Adam Price of “ambivalence “, Peter Black and his Liberal Democrats in Wales and the UK , should stop claiming Remain ,as they own ,admit other are fighting Brexit and work with them