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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.The thing about the long dark nights and the equivalent  mornings is twofold. On the one hand when the insomniac within you wakes up there is less chance of guessing the time that when it’s British summertime. Because you could make a guess based on the faintest hint of dawn.

Today I couldn’t. Which made it more of a shock to discover it was 3:47am in the morning.

Of course the longer darkness also means another year is almost approaching it’s final corner. And whilst there are still ambitions in my life, it also means that another moment will soon be crossed off the length of time I’ve left to achieve them.

Have just realised that it’s not only dark but it’s also raining. Which I can tell from the sounds outside. Yes I think we can all agree summer is practically over.

Working the afternoon/evening shift means that sometimes you don’t really catch the day’s news until the next morning. I didn’t realise West Ham played Friday night. From a disastrous start they have improved in the past couple of weeks. However last night they played Brighton and lost (echoes of last year). Two steps forward one step back.

I’ve learnt on Twitter that supermarket chain Iceland are promoting Christmas tree flavoured crisps. My first reaction is to say what?
My second is to repeat what I said last year. Whilst there are many things I don’t like about Christmas as I get older, the biggest by far is the idea of Christmas before December.
I don’t want to know about Christmas before then!!!

My daughter calls me a Grinch. I explain that the Grinch did not try to steal Christmas as until this season he was too busy managing Arsenal.

Plaid Cymru news. Adam Price has put Welsh independence on the news agenda to such a level that UK media has noticed it. This is a good thing and should be welcomed. Once independence is in people’s thoughts, it would not be easy to shake it off . As Scotland has proved.

You may remember a few months back that I chatted about Simon Thomas. The Plaid Cymru AM who had to resign after being arrested by the police. Well I’ll chat properly when he’s sentenced. But he’s pleaded guilty to making 600 indecent images and videos of children (150 apparently in the “highest category” of illegal images)

So I’ll say this now. Making one indecent image/video is shocking/despicable enough. Now multiply how disgusted you’d feel by six hundred.

Personally the authorities should not throw the book at Mr Thomas as punishment.

They should go for the whole library.

Until the next time.