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Political parties like no more than a defection to them on the eve of their party conference so the news that the Green Party’s leader in Wales has announced that he has defected to Plaid Cymru may be a small coup bit an important one even so
He had wanted an independent Welsh Green Party, but this was rejected by nearly 65% of members who voted.
Mr Ham called Plaid Cymru the “only party focused on the future of Wales”.
Making the announcement, on the eve of Plaid Cymru’s annual conference, he said: 

“During my time as leader of the Greens in Wales I was unashamed to admit that I wanted the sole focus to be on Wales.

“However, after the membership decided that they wanted to remain a party of two countries, I felt my membership was untenable and I resigned my leadership.”

Mr Ham said he had been brought up believing Plaid Cymru was a party for Welsh speakers but 

“my experiences over the years have shown me that this simply isn’t the case”.

Oddly Mr Ham’s case was made  by the response of his former party

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