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Fifty years ago the Troubles began. The Unionist majority had controlled Northern Irkand since 1923. The fixing of boundaries and the limitation of Catholic voters from voting in council elections . The rebellion in Prague, anti Vietnam protests were spreading throughout the world. A bitter 68 turned into the resistance of 1969. And now Arlene Foster is prepared to sacrifice the Good Friday agreement…the DUP does not need it nor devolved goverenment. They are in power now. They are brutal and vile and would seek to restore that narrow ascendancy again. Let us not forget that the British army originally seen as peacemakers were quickly seen as the protectors of the power relations of the Unionists over the Catholic people of Ulster. Thus began the Troubles…
I hear reports of the super rich preparing to leave. They fear the coming Corbyn government. The reality is dawning as change begins. Fifty years since the Troubles, fifty years since 68 and the world turns to a new opportunity for the Left across Europe As I reflect that my 60s will be the most radical decade of my life.. I smile at long last ‘we will overcome” and many will realise that if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem..
In America the Kavanaugh debacle contines. The Republican Party is a party of old white men who are conservative Christians. The laughter of Trump and his followers echo around me and I feel nauseus. If Kanagh is denied his place the base of this party will be electrified and come out into the mid term elections perhaps saving vor Trump both House and Senate. If he is voted in a predominately female based Democrat Party will sweep to victory. Yet the Supreme court will be conservatively run for a generation. What irony there is in this event
The Supreme Court has no fixed number of Judges. FDR thretened in the 30s to flood it with progressives after it turned down his reform.s. Throughout history the Supreme Court has defended slavery, fought welfare reforms and opposed Trade Union legislation. Now that it is totally politicised by this gum chewing adolescent in a middle aged mans body its time for real readical political reform in the USA.The legacy of 1968 returns…..