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It often appears that that Governments are more interested in the headlines of the promise o Job than the actual delivery.

There are more headlines in say that a company are moving to Wales with a promise of say 1000 job, which never appear as opposed to creating a 100 jobs per 100 existing companies, which may actually exist.

Recently we had the fiasco of the  Circuit of Wales  the The £433m motor racing track and leisure project aimed to create up to 6,000 jobs in a deprived area.

But Economy Secretary Ken Skates said job claims were “overstated” and there was too much financial risk.The developers “strongly disagreed” with the decision and the rationale behind it.

Though how much Welsh government  went into what many thought was unfeasible is unclear.

We can only wonder if history is repeating itself as the BBC reports that Aston Martin has been given a total of £18.8m in grants from the Welsh Government,

A freedom of information request shows the company was given £13m more in funding than ministers had previously been forced to reveal by the information commissioner.
An initial £5.8m was pledged to attract the luxury carmaker to St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan to produce the DBX model.

The Welsh Government was unwilling to say, which resulted in the freedom of information request.

Ministers have revealed that no funding has been tied to the electric car production announcement however it emerged that Aston Martin had a £13m grant that had not previously been made public.The plant is expected to employ 750 people when it was fully operational.

 The funding is linked to job creation, skills training and research and development.It can be drawn down over three years as the company achieves set targets.
So far, £3.5m has been drawn down in this way by Aston Martin.

We’ve heard that before  see Circuit of Wales again.

It is incredible , that both Westminster Government,  have not learned the lesson of Bosh,LG and other projects who provided jobs for a period and then left for cheaper horizons or in the case of LG never even  providing the expected work. 
The LG factory in Newport  never realised anything like it’s potential,The LG site has had a troubled history, with up to 6,000 jobs promised in 1996 never materialising.A £1.2 billion sister factory on the site, which was to make semi-conductors, never went into production and is still largely empty. The LG Philips factory making colour tubes for monitors and televisions closed in 2003 with 870 job losses. 
At its height, 2,000 people were employed at the site. The LG factories on the site originally received more than £87m of grant money, and in 2005 some £34m was repaid to the then Welsh Development Agency

But at the time we were bamboozled ,with the figures as we have with other failed protects,

In May, nine Labour and Cooperative assembly members were elected to the Welsh assembly, including two cabinet ministers. 

The Co-operative Party is a committed to supporting and representing co-operative principles. The party does not put up separate candidates for any UK election itself. Instead, Co-operative candidates stand jointly with the Labour Party as “Labour and Co-operative Party” candidates. Although a sister party of the Labour Party, the Co-operative Party is legally a separate political organisation, and members of the Co-operative Party do not have to join the Labour Party although they are not permitted to be members of another political party.

I don’t think that things have changed muck ,but  we can wonder if the existing  party is only a means of funding the Labour Party than pushing the whole idea of a cooperative movement.

Surely such influence should have seen in the last seven years major initiatives and developments in the formation of Welsh cooperatives?

But all we get is Welsh Payers money poured into schemes run by private companies which  never deliver, and who some times walk away with millions o of our cash.

Aw face an economic disaster and major companies abandoning Wales to relocate to EU countries , we need a new vision and maybe a revival of a Welsh Mondragon based on the Cooperative movement in the Basque country.

Who in the assembly will be prepared ,to take this up?