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I am not a member of Plaid, largely because I wish to keep this blog independent and free to criticise the party without the prospect of facing the sort of discipline that led to Syniadau disappearing.

Nevertheless I would have voted for Leanne Wood and I am disappointed that she lost.

The Wasting Mule’s Martin Shipton , who has made no secret of his admiration for Adam Price

He writes..

When Leanne Wood was elected leader of Plaid Cymru in early 2012, she was seen as an insurgent candidate who had defeated two candidates from the party’s establishment – Ceredigion AM Elin Jones, who had been the favourite and is now the Presiding Officer, and Dafydd Elis-Thomas, a former leader and recently dethroned Presiding Officer who fancied another challenge.
She became Plaid’s first woman leader on a prospectus of taking the party to the left and winning seats across the Valleys – a necessary aim if it was to have any chance of leading Wales.
Counter-intuitively, as someone who was not a first-language Welsh speaker nor entirely fluent in the language, she received a lot of support from members of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg, the Welsh Language Society, who believed she would take a more radical stance in favour of the language than her two rivals.

However this time there was criticism that when Leanne was giveing  support for so called “Niche” causes and not enough to Welsh Speaking communities.

 It leaves me with the suspicion that some Plaid supporters regard those who come from outside Y Fro Cymraeg asnot fully understanding the threat to the language.

Whether this affected Leanne’s vote I don’t know, but for those of us who found someone with a “valleys accent” speaking in both English and Cymraeg refreshing and widening Plaid’s appeal we should be concerned that Plaid may be retreating to its heartland rather than expanding and embracing the whol eof Wales.

Surely winning seats like the Rhondda at both Palimentry and Assembly level is more important than say Aberconwy.

I am not in the bubble  so I have no knowledge of what the situation inthe assembly group or that as Martin Simpson claims

A local party rebellion in Llanelli has seen the loss of dozens of members – this time because of troubles arising out of the imposition of an outside General Election candidate. Ms Wood has again been blamed for the dispute.
Ukip aside, this is the first time an incumbent party leader in Wales has been defeated when seeking re-election. If it’s unusual, it’s not wholly unexpected.
down graciously, but she refused to go.

Quite frankly all  political parties , will have a Brutus and Cassius , willing to plunge the knife as part of their desire to take up the mantle of leader no matter how successful he or she is.

But is Plaid and its members right to decide the leader and there is no  doubt of Adam Price’s talents.

Indeed the issue I disagreed with Leanne over was that she would claim that Wales was to poor to seek independence now and it is Adam Price who appears to, back the argument that the only way to get out of our poverty is independence.

Something this Blogs has been promoting for what seems an age.

Whether the Wasting Mule’s  Martin Shipton’s support for Adam will continue now that he has won  is an interesting question.

The fact that Adam is openly gay,leaves me to hope that he will continue to build bridges with minorities in the same manner as Leanne did even if it does not mean that its not immediately reciprocated, in votes.

Adam has said that he wants the Party’s English name to be New Wales . not something I am comfortable with, but his immediate task is to reassure those outside Plaid’s heartlands that Leanne has encouraged to share our vision that they are welcome and can play a major part in the future of Wales.