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It unravels now…the change is coming…I felt it at lunchtime. The critical moment begins whether it takes 3 months or 3 years.. the Labour Party stands on the edge of a historic victory .1945 begins again….a reforming government is around the corner . The understanding between the Corbynista Left and the five main trade unions on the NEC understand what must be done. There will be no repeat of the 1980s…Brexit will be determined by fate but the necessity of a Labour government exceeds other possibilities.. and concerns. As the Lib Dems flail in political erotic impotency and Plaid prepare a drift to the centre with Rhun or Adam…they contemplate alliance with the Conservative Party that has done Wales to death.. 

As Trump creates a fantasy of Chinese intervention into mid term American elections while not mentioning Russian. The laughter rings out this is a farce the tragedy has already happened. Trump becomes an illustration of classic Freudian defence mechanism for dummies. The world is changing and with it the basis of its political assumptions and philosophy. All that was solid melts into air….the right fades and becomes more desperate.. there will be one more furious assault on Corbyn.. and then the right will fall…first they ignore you, than they laugh at you. Then they attack you and then you win… Fear stalks the right wing press. They know .. reading between the lines of a grudging review of Corbyn’s speech. They know…and they are afraid…the world turns and there arises in Egypt a leader who knows not neo liberalism and the worship of the ” free market” be afraid be very afraid you bluekippers..

On the edge of left wing transformation.. …The paradigm moves on. When former Tory ministers celebrate new possibilities.. when John Macdonnel looks like a Chancellor in waiting and when the Full Moon nears completion we know change nears…

We stand on the edge of the most Left Wing government yet. There is a mighty judgement coming. I cannot remember a time like this when new words are written on new tablets . I have not heard words like this since I was 16 and now I am 60. The most unlikely people complement and soften towards Corbyn and Macdonnel. We see the outline of plans that solve the problems of those who work and do not own and puts a challenge to those who own but do not work…..

Not since the Minor report in Sweden in the 70s have we seen such possibilities. The coming Labour government will be more radical than 1945. And now just as the trade unions where defeated one by one by the Tories now the banks and the large financial institutions will face the same as we experience the return of the repressed . The only issue left will be how the right of the party will behave once power is achieved.. despite the bleats of Margaret Hodge and the ambitious, sarcastic comments of the young Kinnock and the repeated attacks by the right wing media Labour leads in the polls. Over a third of the electorate will vote for a corbynesque agenda in the four weeks of an election period Labour will gain at least another 7 to 8 % this will take Labour to 46 or 47 percentage points. We stand on the edge of a generational shift of power.. and a left paradigm. The next election could well have the following result Labour 46% Tories 32% Lib Dems 10% UKIP 8% others 4%…there is a mighty judgement coming…i am glad to be living in such a time. Everywhere the left wing bloggers pour out criticism of the right.. Navara Media and other groups critique, suggest and describe how another outlook and approach can be and will be applied. Another world is no longer possible but likely.. move over bluekippers its time for you to visit the dustbin of history..this is not class war waged by Socialism this is resistance to those who do..