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Dear members and supporters

Our July/August newsletter  has turned out to be very popular with over 2200 views to date. Hopefully it is continuing relevance of our politics and not just interest!

Anyway, this is much shorter.

First some key events coming up

Tuesday 2 October ‘Why you should be a socialist’ at the Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff, at 18.30. This has been organised by the Cardiff Socialist Forum and is an open discussion with three people giving an introduction. I’m down as the ‘old sweat’ of the struggle:) These events are well worth attending as they are very open and non sectarian.

Thursday 4 October, again at the Cathays Community Centre, we have a Better than Zero Wales organising meeting. The aim is to bring together and develop some practical ideas for lifting the campaign against precarious work and for trade union renewal in Wales. Anyone who is interested is most welcome.

Unite Against Fascism and other organisations are preparing to oppose the right wing Football Lads Alliance national demonstration in London on 13 October. More information will follow.
Left Unity believes that the rise of the right, nationalism and fascism internationally, is a serious threat to all who oppose oppression, support democracy, internationalism and a socialist society. We cannot allow fascist hate and organised intimidation to take hold. Our latest Left Unity broadsheet and pamphlet help to analyse the danger and outline some of the essential steps to be taken. We are also proposing to the European Left – of which we are a member – at their meeting in Brussels this weekend, that the EL organises a European wide conference in London in March next year on taking the international fight against the right forward.

Left Unity UK and Wales

LU UK National Council meets 6 October and the agenda can be accessed here. As can be seen we will be having important debates about taking forward our opposition to Brexit and Lexit as well as on austerity and taking forward issues from the European Left meeting. Three of us are delegates from Wales so please contact us if you wish points to be raised.

As Left Unity in Wales we are aiming to put our energies into three areas over the next few months supporting: the fight against the right, the People’s Assembly Wales campaign against another round of Tory imposed austerity cuts and the BtZ Wales campaign, as well as arguing for socialism at every opportunity. We hope to organise two Left Unity meetings covering these issues and our AGM before the winter holiday.

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Len Arthur LU Wales secretary