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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Well it’s 7:22am on a Saturday morning. I’ve had a deep sleep, so deep it almost feels that someone’s chloroformed me. Even now as I’m tap,tap tapping this along to the computer I’m not completely awake.

The cause of this cure for insomnia? Well simple. I’ve been working more hours as they are currently short staffed. Not a situation that will last but grabbing some overtime whilst it’s there. It will sort out Christmas (yes thinking about it already. But only on the finances).

But in the meantime it means when I get home late at night the body is ready for a microwave meal, light undemanding television and then basically it shuts down until the morning.

And I do mean shut down. Cannot physically walk to the bathroom and clean my teeth. The body is demanding a rest and wants it now. Often I find myself unintentionally sleeping on the settee. Simply because I just cannot move anymore.

It’s a reason why by the way the blog has been disjointed for the past few weeks and will continue to be so for the rest of this month and a lot into the next.

Does this temporary timeshift in my day affect me? Well aside from the lack of contact with wife, daughter and mother I think that the only odd thing about it all is the way you feel disconnected with things until you’re back on the car on the way home. As if once I’ve listened to the news (believing as it happens only a part of it – certainly the way it’s slanted anyway) I’m back with the world. Finding out how it’s gotten along without me.

Not at looking forward to doing this on Sunday night. Dreading finding out how West Ham have gotten on. No points. NO POINTS since the season began in August. Remember when he was appointed to lead Manchester City current manager Manuel Pellegrini was supposed to have a “holistic approach”. Where’s that gone? The way things are going West Ham fans will need a therapist’s couch. We have, HAVE to get at least a point against Everton.

Sunny out there. Weather is another thing that I’ve know interest in at the moment except for the possibility of strong winds on Monday. Hate that driving. Otherwise well enjoy it people whilst it lasts. The feel is certainly autumn at the moment.

8:05am. As per instructions from wife. Washing machine is on. There we are. Who says I don’t listen to the wife? Even when three quarters awake?

Anyway wife’s awake now. My throat is killing me. Need another cuppa.

Until the next time.