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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.What I’m going to say has absolutely no scientific basis on it whatsoever. Just word of mouth. But I would contend no less interesting because of that.

Yesterday friends from the Valleys came down for the evening. Given that it was the first opportunity for them to come down and give my daughter her birthday present. It was a pleasant time, and as these things go the conversation led to one thing and then another till suddenly for no obvious reason Tonypandy came into the conversation.

I have not been there for many years. Before indeed my daughter was born. I remember buying something from a greengrocer’s (can’t remember what) and the shop assistant’s surprise that I was speaking with an English accent.

Well apparently that shop has closed down. Along with a number of others. The ASDA’s nearby is blamed. Note to self. Have a look next time you’re up there.

From then on the conversation moved onto Treorchy and how that town has relatively survived the effects of austerity. Daughter’s and wife’s eyes rolled upwards. For as I’ve said on this blog before if my wife dies before me that’s where I want to move to.

“But…” said I moving it onwards “surely Tonypandy can’t be as bad as Bridgend Town?”

And the answer?

“Umm Someone else has told me Bridgend Town’s not that nice”.

And that’s the point Bridgend Labour Council. When a town’s reputation spreads beyond the borders of the borough, then things are really serious.

It may be word of mouth Bridgend Labour Council but it spreads rapidly.

And Bridgend Labour Council you are to blame.

Until the next time.