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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I’ve often in this blog written stuff too early in the morning because of insomnia. When you feel too sleepy to be awake but too awake to sleep. Well for those of you lucky enough not to be affected by this. Let me give you the other downside of this.

So as I’ve said previously I woke yesterday (Sunday) morning at 4:27am. During the intervening time I led my mother to the M4 before she drove off to her home in Essex.

Now it’s the afternoon. Wife is off to a friend’s for a natter. Daughter is with her friends watching a movie in the local multiplex.

I am alone.


For that means I can watch Denmark vs Wales alone on S4C without either of them bothering me.

(And as a quick aside it’s interesting to note that the Welsh Language channel shows more live football than BBC or ITV)

Anyway it’s me, the TV and a cup of tea. The first half is mainly a dull affair. One side is dominant then the other and I get the feeling that what I’m watching is the football managed by chess grandmasters.

But then the Danes score. Erikson had too much space and there you had it. One-nil. Disappointing but still just a goal difference.

Summaries and ads done second half begins. Watching the game. Wishing Wales well. I notice the score.


It was as if I was on anaesthetic. Seemingly all of a sudden half an hour of my life suddenly disappeared and there was just five minutes remaining of the game. It was as if my body just said enough is enough.

Two nil was how the game ended. Daughter and wife returned expecting me to be happy having watched a game without them hanging around found a disgruntled old soul instead.

And that’s what insomnia does. Makes sleep catch you in the wrong time and place.

Until the next time.