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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Well Secretary Of State for Wales and human malevolent mite Alun “Chucky” Cairns is at it again. Apparently in a radio interview this (Monday) morning he called his opponents “anti- English” for arguing that his ” Western Powerhouse” idea (in that the South West of England and South East Wales becomes an integrated economic region) is damaging to Wales and is just an attempt to subsume it within England.

Let’s start with the “anti-English” comment first . This is just typical Chucky. Throw in something  to deflect from the veracity of your opponent’s case just to make the headlines. Rather like Boris Johnson but without the diplomacy.

There is nothing “anti-English” about disliking an extension of England across the Geraint Thomas bridge. If Pro Wales makes you anti English then what team does Alun Cairns support during the six nations match between the two? Or does he sit on the fence?….Or between that bridge?

The phrase “anti-English” means that you dislike the people of England. I’ve never heard anyone in Wales say that. Indeed I suspect the people of Wales (if they know who he is…and then try to find the poison dwarf) hate Cairns more than they do the English as a race.

As an aside in a speech about it today in Bristol Cairns says he wants “…to make the Western Part Of The UK Greater Than The Sum Of It’s Parts”. That mathematically does not make any sense whatsoever.

Chucky Cairns strikes again.

But what if it’s not Chucky’s intention to subsume all of Wales within England? What if the intention is just the South-East corridor of the M4 until it reaches Cardiff? After all look at the investment and actions that have been made. Rail electrification until Cardiff when to all intents and purposes stabilisers are put in for journeys west of there?

Or the forthcoming banning of the tolls on the Geraint Thomas bridge. Which will encourage commuting across the nations (which as I’ve mentioned before could cause social unrest – though not for the reasons Cairns would promulgate).

What has been the proposed major investment in South Wales west of Cardiff? Well not the tidal Bay lagoon in Swansea which Cairns seemed happy to help cancel.

No…..a prison….a big prison….a prison big enough to accommodate criminals England  didn’t want to hold.

So why is Chucky doing this? Well the South East of Wales along the M4 corridor is (relatively) it’s wealthiest part. There are also parts of this corridor more likely to vote Conservative.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the intention is that more investment might mean an increase in the Conservative vote in the area. For various reasons that’s unlike to happen. But watch Chucky damage Wales as he seeks to try.

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