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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I have argued before in this blog that there should be a boycott of Virgin Media in Wales following it’s decision to close the Swansea call centre next year. For too long it would appear that Welsh people have taken the brunt of the United Kingdom’s austerity and have seemingly felt unable to argue.

Boycotting Virgin Media, whilst being a gesture and might not stop the closure of the centre would nonetheless be damaging to the company. Both financially and in the bad publicity it would receive.

But now another front has occurred to me that might hurt Brand Branson (though he doesn’t actually own it now) and that’s if there were boycotts of anything associated with Virgin Media in Wales as well.

And that’s where Destiny comes in…..or rather Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is the sequel to (you’ll be surprised to hear) Destiny. A computer shooter video game. Virgin have a competition where the first prize is a trip to Seattle where the makers of this game are based.

So then what if there was a boycott in Wales not of the computer maker but that specific game? After all even leaving aside the morality of it all there are other such games to choose from. That way it will make the computer makers and other companies have second thoughts about associating with Virgin Media again.

Perhaps then this should be the first of many. Coordinated boycotts just to show that people living in Wales are tired about being discriminated against. People living in Wales should try to make Virgin Media suffer in the same way that it’s making those workers and their families suffer.

A gesture maybe….but sometimes gestures are important.

Until the next time.