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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.It’s actually 8:02am as I start to write this. But I’ve been up since 4:27am. Have helped my mother pack and lead her to the M4 on her way back to Essex. She’s been here for the weekend as yesterday was daughter’s birthday.

I won’t chat about what presents daughter got. Except to say that in terms of this blog I’ll be chatting a lot more about comic book superheros and heroines on the TV.

Today daughter is going out to the cinema with her friends. Yesterday at her request we with other members of the family went to the Nandos in Cardiff Bay.

Let me say from the outset that I’m in the minority not just in the family but also I suspect the country regarding Nandos. I’ve mentioned in the past that whilst it’s perfectly edible it always appeared to me as ponced up KFC and nothing has changed.

And as for those hyped up sauces. Why isn’t there one for Tomato Ketchup? Why do they have to rely on the common as muck (but always reliable) Heinz?

I often work on Saturday evenings. And whilst that means the sadness of not being with the family for most of the weekend that doesn’t happen in the autumn. Why? Because Strictly Come Dancing starts. I really might as well be in the Arctic circle when that’s on. Wife/daughter love it. Me? I’d rather watch the sport.

Yesterday was the lauch show where the celebrities are paired with their dancing partners. I genuinely tried not to pay attention but two things (unfortunately) did catch my eye.

1) A Strictly Come Dancing tradition is that the middle aged woman is paired with Anton Du Beke. Only once has this tradition been breached. You knew Susannah Constantine was going to partner him before the announcement was made and no amount of fake tension could hide it.

2) I’ve realised that another sign of ageing is the number of celebs in these shows that you have heard of. Out of the fifteen contestants I’ve heard of five (six if you include Joe Suggs – but he doesn’t count because I only know of him through my daughter’s interest). As the years go these numbers get less and less.

Ah well. Wife’s awake. Not really sure what I’ll be doing today….except I’ll be definitely watching Denmark v Wales.

Until the next time.