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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.At time of writing I’m now back in Wales. But before I leave my short time in Essex to one side, I felt I should tell you this disturbing little tale.

On Sunday my mother asked whether we could spend the time in centre of London. Being a) A dutiful son and b) having nothing better to do I agreed. She wanted specifically to see the (apparently) newly revamped Florence Nightingale Museum.

Now this museum is in fact by London’s South Bank within the grounds of St Thomas’ hospital. Personally I’ve found that as I’ve got older museums have held less interest to me. I’m not sure exactly why that is. This was no exception. And whilst my mother wandered round I found myself grabbing a seat and waiting for her out of sheer boredom.

Now before I go on I need to explain one thing about the museum. Whilst primarily (surprise,surprise) concerned with the life of La Nightingale it’s relatively small space is also covered by exhibits about nursing as a whole, including interviews with nurses as to what led them to the profession and their experiences.

I say that when I lead you to this which I noticed whilst I was waiting.

Images of Nursing

Now the above was part of a group of pictures which represented images of nursing through the years. But the one I’m leading you towards is obviously the centre picture of a pulp novel called Tramp Nurse by Arthur Adlon.

Now this is a book I haven’t read. But I’ve every right to assume that the cover says everything you need to know. From the blonde nurse showing cleavage, the title and the sub title which says ( and I kid you not):

“She healed their bodies with her white hot passions”

Now you could argue that the sexy nurse was part of popular culture (Carry On films and the like) but even if you think that a museum on nursing is not the place to show such a misrepresentation of the profession. But this, judged by it’s cover and title/sub title alone is even worse. Because the nurse is not just sexy but easy.

So really Florence Nightingale hospital. Surely it would be better to replace Tramp Nurse by a still of a nurse say in BBC’s Casualty? Surely that would be more true to life?

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