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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Whilst I’m in Essex (until Monday, possibly tomorrow) a man said to me that he did not understand why people outside England felt that the news was English based. He sighted the example of the sexual harassment allegations against for SNP leader Alex Salmond.

Now whilst I’m obviously not going to discuss the allegations against Mr Salmond (except to say in passing that I can’t see what current SNP leader and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has done wrong here) he is still a prominent figure in British politics. So you can see why it made the UK news.

I really couldn’t be bothered to argue. Firstly because perception is always the key to your point of view. I’m sure if this guy moved to the other countries that make part of this disunited kingdom he would understand then.

But the other reason is I didn’t have a laptop or tablet to hand when this conversation occurred. Because otherwise I actually had a recent example to hand.

It was this report on BBC News Online. Not any regional byline you understand but the UK as a whole that English schools faced a shortage of teachers. It referred to a recent report by an educational think tank on the subject.

The webpage is here:

And the key point is that there is nothing wrong in the article itself. The issue is that people in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales would have looked at it and asked what was the situation on this issue regarding their nations….given that education is devolved. As licence fee payers on this UK website they would have been entitled to know.

But no. The article is England only. There are not even links to the situation outside England.

This is the issue. The journalist could have done a bit more research before writing the piece to include the situation outside England even in passing but failed to do so.

That’s lazy journalism….and that’s one of the reasons why people not living in England feel that BBC UK News is biased against them. I know with the internet more and more people are turning against the BBC and cancelling the licence fee for this reason.

And for me I feel that moment’s fast approaching.

Until the next time.