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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Now as I’ve said before I don’t believe that the worse case scenario with regard to Brexit will happen. Solely because it would be electoral suicide for the Conservatives should this occur (not that I believe our lives will be better because of Brexit. Far from it. Just a question of how worse). But at time of writing it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility. So let’s go all hypothetical. Because on a completely non scientific survey based on one and a half days in the South East, I’m getting a certain vibe regarding London.

We’ve all heard wherever we are about the current increased knife crime in London and the rising crime generally. What I didn’t realise until yesterday is how this has gone into daily life even if a person has not experienced it themselves.

My mother, over a cup of tea with my aunt and me will mention in parting that she has a friend who in the last year has seen two scenes of crimes as a result of stabbings at the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford. Cousins after giving me a chicken roll will talk about gangs roaming the streets at night and how certain bus routes are banned after a certain time specifically because of violence in the area.

And whether these stories have a certain amount of exaggeration to them or not I don’t know. But in a way that’s not the point. The point is even exaggerated the perception is there and ingrained in the people living in London and the surrounding area. Crime or the fear of it seems to take part of people’s conversations and in their thoughts to a level that I’ve never known before.

Now does it dawn on me that on the last time I was in Essex looking after my mother there was an item on the local TV news regarding vigilantes patrolling the streets of a particular London borough. That borough was Redbridge which I lived in from the mid seventies until the nineties. Such an idea would have never entered anyone’s head then. Now however an unsurprising consequence of rising crime. (I’ve mentioned before in this blog about my shock regarding Ilford).

Before we go on about the hyptheticals of a worse case scenario Brexit let’s not forget to mention the person responsible for all of this. Theresa May. As Home Secretary she presided over cuts of police patrolling the streets and, as I remember it, she was proud of doing so.

Really everything that woman touches turns into the brown stuff.

So into this mix of rising crime comes the worse case scenario Brexit. Already jobs in the financial sector from the City Of London are moving to the EU (even you will note in British banks as well). This would only increase That would have a ripple effect on the wider London economy causing greater job losses. If some people are able to find work it probably would be for much less money and on zero hour contracts.

London’s drivers re the economy are basically the government being in Westminster, the media, the property market and the City of London. Worse case Brexit makes every one of those extremely fragile

That, added with possible shortages of food and medicine would make rising crime, and consequently riots probable. And how the authorities control the riots. If they control them would tell us all the shape of England to come. I say England because the other nations in the UK would have the get out option of independence, which though not without difficulties would still be preferable.

And again all of the above is a worse case scenario, which I don’t believe will happen. But as it might happen then it’s beholden to a UK government to plan for it now.

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