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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Within the Welsh Labour Party there is no more totemic figure than Aneurin Bevan. For he of course was the man who as minister brought in the National Health Service. Free healthcare at delivery is something that people in Britain, despite the problems an underfunded service provides, cherish. And for the most part it’s a view people hold whatever their political views are otherwise.

He is the man who has a statue in Cardiff City centre. Something you know that former UK leader Neil Kinnock, his son member of Parliament Stephen the Bald Eagle and definitely current but soon to be ex First Minister Carwyn Jones will not get.

He is the man who either personally and/or through the National Health Service current Labour politicians will constantly mention as an achievement of Socialism. And it is true. But as I’ve said before in this blog, Welsh Labour of today uses the past to hide it’s current arrogant incompetence in leading Wales in the devolved administration.

Now I don’t agree personally with every view of Aneurin Bevan. He did not for example believe in Welsh nationalism. But in the context of this post that’s not the issue for we are talking about Welsh Labour party policy here.

So starting with the issue as I’ve discussed before of the decision by the Welsh Labour government to allow EDF to deposit radioactive mud from Hinckley Point nuclear power station in Cardiff Bay (and as an aside there will be a demonstration outside the National Assembly building today. If I wasn’t working I’d have definitely have joined) every Welsh Labour policy that I chat about in this blog from now on will have this question in it:

Would Aneurin Bevan have approved?

Of course all of this is hypothetical. But is Welsh Labour seriously saying that this pivotal figure in the Socialist movement in Wales would have been so stupid not have asked the question I and others have asked with regard to this?

What are the consequences if the science is wrong?

Is Welsh Labour seriously saying that Aneurin Bevan would think to himself that it was OK to completely trust in Science and allow mud from a nuclear power station to be dumped by, and let’s not forget this, the capital city of Wales? Is Welsh Labour saying that Aneurin Bevan would not have wondered of the consequences of the science being wrong on the enviornment and people of Cardiff and the surrounding area?

Of course he would not have agreed to it. And yet current day, arrogantly, patronising, incompetent Welsh Labour has. Welsh Labour don’t forget everybody, the supposed party of the people.

That is how far the Labour party in Wales have travelled folks.

Incidentally on the specific issue of the Hinckley Point Nuclear Mud I’m going to tweet Labour leadership favourite to replace Mark “Red Cairns” Drakeford and Welsh minister for Health Vaughn Gething and  on whether they approve of the dumping.

Not as if I’m stirring things of course….

Until the next time.