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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Now what I’m going to say is just a thought but…..

You may recall that I’ve been advocating a boycott of Virgin Media since they announced the closure of their Swansea call centre for next year. A closure which will cost at least 800 jobs. Well I’m not going to repeat my arguments in this post (although I haven’t backed away from that position) but a connected though different way to damage (albeit slightly) the company came into my head.

And the idea came into my head thanks to Virgin Media’s Twitter account.

Now I don’t follow them on Twitter (I wouldn’t digitally soil my hands) but the company does advertise on the platform and I must admit to (I stress politely) trolling them. In the sense that when they advertise a summer of fun and entertainment for example I remind them that the workers in the Swansea call centre would not be feeling that sense of fun thanks to their announcement.

This time though I didn’t. The tweet was about their sponsorship of Southampton Football Club (a team doing almost as disastrously in the Premier League as the team I support West Ham. Beaten yesterday by blog villain Arsenal. It’s not going well at all). Now regular readers will know that sometimes my brain goes into tangents. And as I was reading this tweet a thought occurred to me.

The two biggest sporting clubs in the region are the Swansea City Football team and the Ospreys Pro 14 rugby side:

What if they issued a statement saying that following the proposed closure of the call centre and the loss of jobs affected they would not ever consider Virgin Media sponsoring them?

Now I’m not saying that either the Swans and/or the Ospreys would have considered them anyway. Or indeed vice versa.  Nor am I saying that as an action it’s no more than a gesture. But as a gesture it will hurt Virgin Media in terms of bad publicity. And it would provide the teams with good publicity as it will show that they respond to issues affecting Swansea and the surrounding area by supporting the community.

Just a thought.

Until the next time.