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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.At time of writing it’s 3:26am in this Saturday morning. It’s dark. And it won’t be light for a while. The weather has turned. Autumn is coming and unofficially seems to be already here.

It is weird this year. Seemingly that having spent the first two months of it looking after my mother in Essex when she was unwell that my timeclock feels that it’s June not August. As if time in a way stood still for two months. I get it now how carers of loved ones for a much longer period must feel. As if time has passed them by.

A quick further word about my time in Essex exile. One of the small comforts I had there was the discovery of the TV series Bones on the Your TV channel where along with Castle it seemed to be on perpetual loop for months. Well not anymore. Not only has it finished but it’s being replaced by The Mentalist. A show I remember from years back….and hated.

So another programme then to add to my “download or buy the DVD list”. Actually I’ve two DVDs already. Series two and twelve….as you do.

And as we’re talking TV it’s not looking good for my pick of husband Hywel in the “who killed Sheryl?” storyline in Pobol Y Cwm as we as a family caught up with the Sunday omnibus yesterday. I say this given that the police arrested and charged him with the murder weapon ( a doorstop!) being found in his garden. Since he’s the one whose focus is being put on now you know that it’s likely to be one of the other suspects.

Unless the writers are playing a double bluff of course. Then I can start to gloat.

And since this has turned out to be the TV post let me put a word for The Big Bang Theory whose next season will be it’s last. Unlike most TV shows nowadays (eg Bones) this is a programme that I’ve watched and been a fan of since the beginning. I’ll be sad to see it’s passing. Mind you I suspect it’ll be shown on [insert channel here] until the end of time.

What do people do having woken up too early in the morning? Some have an hangover . Some turn and regret the person they’ve just had sex with. Well me I’ve just joined Myspace on a whim. Why did I do it and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing with it (which is probably one of the reasons other than being owned – since sold – by Rupert Murdoch- why it lost the battle with Facebook)? I blame the liqueur of the internet. Mind you perhaps I sobered up after I had a look at Reddit and I definitely didn’t want to bother to join that!

5:17am. Still dark out there. Yes summer has nearly gone. Indeed yesterday there were torrential downpours. It was good to see the return of Welsh weather.

Today I’m going to have my hair cut. At long last after fifty four years on this planet I know exactly what to ask with confidence.

1 I want a trim
2 I want the sideburns and the hairs on my neck cut.
3 I definitely don’t want US Marine.

Simple, straightforward and I wish it didn’t take me this long to have worked it out.

Anyway sun’s bright now at 6:35am. Going to have a quick nap and then time to move properly.

Until the next time.