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We often accuse Politician’s of lying but it seems that sometimes rather than make a simple statement that they know is untrue they refuse to answer the question.

After Jeremy Corbyn was asked to answer the question six times,Jeremy Corbyn refused whether he thinks Britain will be better off outside the EU.

Jeremy Corbyn refused six times to say whether he thinks Britain will be better off outside the EU.
In a Channel 4 News interview, Labour leader Mr Corbyn was repeatedly asked the question, but sidestepped it each time.
Asked for the first time during the interview if Britain will be better off outside the EU, Mr Corbyn said: “I want us to have a good relationship with the European Union.

“That’s what we have to have in order to maintain jobs in manufacturing supply chains and food processing.
“That has to be the priority now, so we have that effective trading relationship including a customs union with the European Union.â€�

The presenter then said he was only allowed to ask him one question: whether Mr Corbyn believed Britain will be better off outside the EU.
But Mr Corbyn refused to answer the question.
He said: 

“We are negotiating a future for Britain in relationship to the EU which maintains that trading relationship. That’s what we have to do.
We have to defend jobs and we have to have an alignment with the European Union on regulations to ensure that we maintain food environmental and employment standards.�

The presenter asked the question on a further four occasions. Mr Corbyn refused to answer each time.
The Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns was  also unable to give a direct answer when asked whether he thought Wales would be better off outside the European Union.
The Conservative MP told ITV Wales he was “excited� about the opportunities Brexit will bring and the UK Government was “prepared for every eventuality� if there was a no-deal.

The reason that Corbyn and Cairns did not say that they expect us (Britain or Wales) to be better off, is because they know it would be untrue.

They would if they admitted we face an economic tsunami after m=March next year particularly if there is no deal , would see both then asked

“Then why are you still backing Brexit?”

But that would open a whole new can of worms.

So why not simply lie.

Imply as the disaster of this inept government and  main opposition  becomes a reality. both Corbyn and Cairns do not want videos of their “Project Pollyanna” appearing where they claim that Brexit will be all sweetness and light. 

So “Silence is Golden” and in two years they bot can say they never said “We would be better off” after Brexit.