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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Well here’s the book.

Amy Heydenrych

Let’s start with the criticism.

This book is mainly set in London. But really it’s a London so sketchy that you could have easily put [insert major city here] and [insert areas of major city here] and no one would’ve noticed any change in the plot at all. Ditto those few scenes set outside the capital.

But it does not matter.And let me make it clear how far it does not matter. This novel is the best thriller I’ve read in a long while.

Realism of locale in this type of thriller does not matter as long as what’s written is not stupid. What’s important is the combination of plot, character and the ability to make you the reader want to  turn the page.

The plot is essentially an assault on a woman by a man and the background/consequences from that. Seems to be same old,same old doesn’t it? However the woman (Holly) is a successful wellness blogger (giving the story a contemporary twist) and the man (Tyler) is not serial killer of women of the month. Holly was targeted. It’s that that forms part of the basis of the plot.

The book will hold your attention. Which is incredible given that Holly and Tyler are the two main characters and whilst there are a few others for the most part they’re peripheral. Indeed you could argue that the third most important character in the book is actually social media.

For reasons I won’t explain Ms Heydenrych is capable of playing with your loyalties as a reader until the climax. You’re not sure where you stand. That she was capable of doing this through the book shows exactly how good a writer Ms Heydenrych is.

Probably too late for summer holiday reading. But if you need a book to while away the time during the boring parts of the Christmas break this will be for you.

Until the next time.