Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I have argued in the past that people living in Wales should boycott Virgin Media following it’s decision to close next year it’s Swansea call centre which will make eight hundred people redundant.

It seemed another circumstance when companies seemed to be perfectly happy to cut off the Welsh option first when needed.

It was time to hit these companies where it hurt. With their profits and their reputation.

A Welsh boycott would affect very few residual jobs as they are people probably on agency work to deal with any tech issues. They could be employed with the other operators. So the (not unreasonable) argument that boycotts of companies would affect residual jobs in Wales does not really apply here.

In this sector there are other operators available so there would still be competition in the TV/Phone/Internet market.

And of course existing Virgin customers didn’t have to do it immediately. They could wait until their existing contract expired before leaving.

Now though another reason has emerged. Virgin Media are reportedly in late Autumn going to be slapping an above inflation busting 4.5% on their bills.

So let’s be clear. People in Wales would note that in one breath Virgin Media are happy to close down a Swansea call centre with the consequent loss of jobs and yet in another increase their charges to their customers.

Where is the morality in that?

So Wales should walk away from Virgin Media. After all in spirit it would appear Virgin Media walked away from Wales first
Until the next time.