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I suspect a lot of non-Welsh people when talking about symbols of Wales will eventually talk about the national rugby team. It is one of those constants that represents the nation with pride. When they watch the six nations rugby they see men (and now women) battling for their country. There is no (unlike cricket) subsuming your identity within England.

But now I’ve noticed a debate, relatively small but growing, focusing on the badge on the Welsh rugby team. Specifically “the Prince of Wales Feathers”.

The Prince of Wales feathers is the hearaldic badge of the Prince Of Wales. The Prince of Wales as a title was created by Edward I when he conquered Wales and when in those times it was used to all intents and purposes as a plaything by the heir to the monarchy. Hence a principality. Hence, the Welsh rugby team battling proudly for Wales is as is badge wearing a symbol of an occupying power.

So should it be changed? Well actually yes. The argument that it’s been around for so long doesn’t actually wash (chosen by the Welsh Rugby apparently to show allegiance to Britain according to Wikipedia). Poverty has been with us for centuries. Doesn’t make it right.

Similarly the argument that most Welsh people don’t know the history of the badge anyway so it doesn’t matter is also rubbish. I suspect many people when told about it’s history would change their mind and want a change.

And it’s worth mentioning here that the badge of the Welsh national football team has as it’s symbol a red dragon. As a symbol it does exactly what it shows on the cloth. Clearly, unambiguously,Welsh.

The Welsh Rugby Union, rather like the Principality Building Society (which I’ve discussed previously) are organisations that are important to Wales but seem to be surprisingly wimpish on certain issues. I’ve discussed in this blog for example why English Rugby Union coach Eddie Jones should be banned from attending the Wales – England Six nations game next year for calling Wales a “S****y little country”. But it’s unlikely to happen.

What the Welsh Rugby Union need to realise here is that it doesn’t just represent Welsh rugby. There are also times when it represents Wales including those who are not interested in games with oddly shaped balls. but in this regard it appears lacking.

And as a replacement why not just copy the badge for the Welsh Football team? It would show, well, national unity.

It’s an interesting issue and whilst I would suspect the changing of the badge would not be popular at the moment the tide is slowly beginning to turn.

A slow burner perhaps…but burning.

Until the next time.