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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Yesterday we went tp the Vale of Glamorgan show near Fonmon Castle. I say near because though on the grounds the castle itself was apparently closed, or perhaps it’s not open at all yo the public. No matter the point is that it kept itself well hidden whilst the show was on.

We’d been to the equivalent Bridgend show some years back and decided to go to see if there was anything different. The signs were good. It had been slightly raining which meant that though not cold by any means it was less oppressively hot than it had been for a few days.

After parking and walking through the small fairground I’d realised that the first bit of the show proper we entered was a mistake. For it was the dog grounds where it was just mini Crufts. For a persom afraid of those domesticated wolves it would have been hell for me if I wasn’t an atheist. Indeed if I wasn’t an atheist the massive pair of Irish wolfhounds which suddenly came to my side appeared to be hounds from hell entered by the Son of Satan as best in breed….or else.

Avoiding one dog made me step back to find another one nuzzling my ankles. The leads seemed unable to restrain the beasts from eyeing me up as their latest meal. Enter one tent. Full of dogs. Enter a craft tent and I notice a writer selling her books. All the covers had a dog on them.

Eventually we moved on. And I must admit the show of glossed up unmucked vintage tractors did have a nostalgic feel.

If You Like Your Tractors Glossy
Though This Seemed More Keeping It Real

So to the vegetable tent where grown people (I’m assuming mainly men judging by the winners) proudly display their award winning big veggies in a socially acceptable “mine are bigger than yours” manner.

Despite what they say. Size Is Everything

There many stalls in the show. Some I understood (Jodphurs R Us) but a number I didn’t. In reverse order.

At number 3: All the stalls selling cars. Do people really buy cars from these sales?

At number 2: (And this was very close) a coffin maker. I mean I can see the conversation.

“What did you do in the show today?”

“I bought a coffin. Spur of the moment thing”.

But at number 1:

And the question is….why?

We went to the main local food section. I knew Farmers Markets were more expensive than their supermarket versions but was stunned by the cost of a jar of jam being three times the cost in LIDL’s. Did think though that I was looking at a vision for us all post hard Brexit of queueing up for a limited but dearer range of foods.

Finally we went to see the show jumping. But to be honest the more I watched it the more it reminded me how much I’ve grown to dislike the idea of a sport where horses have to risk themselves jumping over fences for fun. Almost gave the horse that dismounted it’s rider (who was fine) a round of applause.

It was, we all agreed, time to go.

As we drove off noticed a fat guy riding in full hunting gear with hounds around him. If impressions are any judge I hated him.

Glad I visited the show. Glad to say I won’t be going again.

Until the next time.