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We have just had confirmation that Kingdom has given notice to Conwy Council that it’s pulling out of its contract with the council from August 9th.
The same has happened in Flintshire.
If the rumours are true, they’re on the verge of doing the same in Denbighshire.
That leaves just Wrexham Council of the six councils who were using Kingdom earlier this year still stubbornly holding on to this failed method of keeping our streets clean.
A mass protest is being planned to show how people locally feel about Kingdom. Details to be announced.
Plaid Cymru councillors in Wrexham have attempted to have the Kingdom contract terminated but this was rejected by the Tory-Independent Executive Board that controls the council.
Councillor Marc Jones said: “It’s encouraging that councils across the North are ditching Kingdom because this contract is not keeping our streets clean. For the past six months we have been calling for a different approach and now hope that the council can work with other authorities to provide a better service.”
Cllr Jones said it was clear that negotiations were happening behind closed doors as Flintshire’s Council leader Aaron Shotton had mentioned that informal talks had been held with Wrexham [see attached article].