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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.So.I’ve finished this.

Really Not Worth The Effort

I had mentioned before that this was the most dull book I’d read in a long while. Not dull in this sense of too intellectual. Just plain dull.

A lot of this novel is just men talking. For a novel on American political life some were real people, others could have been real people but in all honesty I could not be bothered in the first place.

This was the novel as a sleeping pill….which was a problem.

For I was outside my daughter’s school on the penultimate day of term. You could tell it was the last week before the summer holiday’s by virtue of the fewer number of cars of parents waiting for their kids.

Let me tell you that there is few things worse for the reader than having to continue going through a book he/she dislikes knowing that there was nothing else to do until the children came out (I say children one of the most disconcerting things about secondary school kids nowadays is that those in their later years are taller and seemingly more confident than you).

Partly due to the continuing and freaky hot weather in Wales (which was so hot my T-shirt was feeling wet at the back) and the book I really felt like nodding off. But I couldn’t of course, just in case daughter was embarrassed. I tell you though it was close.

So my advice to readers on this book is this. Don’t bother reading it. And if you’ve been blackmailed into doing so. Don’t read it on a hot day whilst you’re doing the school run.

Until the next time.