Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Couple of days back Welsh Conservative minister Guto Bebb resigned with regard to the government’s policy on Brexit and voted against the government. A lot of the Twitter reaction revolved around the agonies he went to go away from his party in making his decision.

No….only kidding…..they were laughing at his name.

One of the people who made jokes at his name was a historian on colonisation and a Labour party member. A surprising person to do this. But then again perhaps not, as we’ve discussed in this blog previously a Corbyn government might be just as colonial towards Wales as this current nervous breakdown of a government is.

Well she had a backlash (not all of it let’s be honest pleasant – not justified) and her description of Wales being a colony as “problematic” didn’t help. Not a historical expert but surely a country conquered by it’s neighbour and becoming a plaything to the heir to the English throne is surely a colony? Will leave that to others to argue this (as I know they already have)

It struck me however looking at her bio that there may another way to explain the effect of her joke to many Welsh people who read it. She is a supporter of women’s rights. So, (and as regular readers will know my mind does go into tangents) I thought of Wolf Whistling.

Recently there has been a campaign to make wolf whistling illegal. Now to me there’s nothing against a single wolf whistle. Men do it to women. Women do it to men – where I of course have to tell them to go away as I’m married (and if you believe that etc,etc).

However I believe that wolf whistling should be banned. Because often nowadays it doesn’t stop at the single wolf whistle. Often there are more whistles, followed by remarks. So that women (mainly) are not intimidated.

So whilst one joke against a man with a Welsh name appears to be nothing. Perhaps the lady would then imagine how she would feel if there were constant jibes against her country,her heritage, her culture, her language. Perhaps then she will understand the upset that came her way.

Thing is Wales is “the last colony” because this sort of remark is considered socially acceptable where there would be no other example where this would be case.

Perhaps she understands now.


Until the next time.