Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Whilst the Conservative government in Westminster is lurching from one crisis to another undermining the whole United Kingdom ethos that “London knows best” It’s worth remembering that the Welsh devolved administration is run by the arrogantly incompetent Welsh Labour Party.

It’s soon to be ex First Minister and trainee roly poly Carwyn Jones has been in the news publicising Labour’s attempts to make it “a feminist government”. Starting with research to find out how it could do this.

But of course nothing says feminism more than a fat man in a suit who as Twitter suggested to me recently was “demob” happy. He has been First Minister since 2009. Why has he taken the action now in the fag end days of his leadership? And what action? Research. How long will that take? Then how long would any recommendations be debated and implemented?

So what appears to be seemingly positive actions by the Welsh Labour administration is in fact kicking the issue into the long grass. Women in Wales must be so proud.

But at least there is action in kicking an issue into the aforementioned uncut lawn. Yesterday at the meeting with Leanne Wood I chatted about in my previous post she mentioned that the Welsh Labour Government had exactly no plans for the consequences of a Hard Brexit in Wales.

Now at time of writing the only certainty with regards to Brexit is it’s uncertainty. For the first time there was serious talk at a UK level of a stockpile of canned food. And yet this Welsh Government has made no planning whatsoever.

On a personal level you have to ask why Carwyn Jones has not done this. It seems after all the logical thing to do (and indeed something he should have done months ago). He apparently seems to have put his faith in Saint Theresa of May to get a solution that will include Wales. So to be clear he (albeit late) is happy to instigate research into making the Welsh government more feminist but not into planning for the consequences of a Hard Brexit in Wales.

What makes this non decision even more odd is that on of the big manufacturing plants that could be affected is the Ford Engine Plant in Bridgend…in his constituency.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the answer to Welsh Labour’s inaction is that Carwyn Jones is doing a Cameron. He is after all not just leaving his post as First Minister in the autumn but also the Senedd in the next election. Perhaps, just perhaps when Wales sought a leader in these difficult times it in fact found itself with a moral loser, who just walked away leaving others to deal with the problems he didn’t want to deal with.


Until the next time.