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Hello there.Hope you’re feeling well today.So it begins the “just a bit of fun I’ve no idea how this will pan it” idea of me coming home late at night from work and passing the time by watching a movie in about two/three days.

Wednesday at eleven. This was what I pinged from the microwave.

Mini Mega Meaty Pizza – I know you’re impressed

In fact I know you’d be really impressed when I told you that it was the second pizza I had.

I must admit to have approached Yes Man starring Jim Carrey wearily, if only because I had read the original book by Danny Wallace and felt that after a good start it waned towards the end. Must admit that there is not much of the book I actually remember. But I scraping through my mind I think I’m safe in saying that though films say things are “based on a true story” this one took the true idea and then ran away from the book as quickly as possible.

The story is essentially this. A depressed man with a dead end job and whose girlfriend has left him gets persuaded to say “YES” to every offer he receives by a self help guru. Imagine if you will a less manic Liar, Liar and you’ll get the drift.

It is a comedy. But what impresses about this film (and it’s not a spoiler to say this) is that there is a sort of wistful sadness about a lot of it as well.

But of course being free to air television let’s pause chatting about the movie and go to a commercial break. There are mad stupid ads out there I tell you.

Let’s leave aside the car ad without a traffic jam. There’s never a car ad with a traffic jam in it!!

Sheba Cat food: A man stops proposing to his girlfriend because his cat wants Sheba Cat food. I mean can’t the cat wait? What sort of malign moggy makes it’s owner do this? And what sort of weak willed owner actually accepts this? (There is another ad where a guy doesn’t go into bed with a woman for exactly the same reason….I know.

Halifax Bank: Where some weird guy from the bank tells the Wizard Of Oz characters (other than Dorothy – she’s too young) that he can get them mortgages. Point is….none of them have an actual job except for the scarecrow and he does it for free. And yet the Halifax bank can give them mortgages. Does not inspire confidence.

There’s also an ad for Tempura mattresses. Which was interesting because in Yes Man there’s a product placement for exactly the same company.

Back to the movie. It also stars Zoey Deschanel as the oddball love interest and Terence Stamp as the stylish English self help guru. Hardly a strain for both of them although Stamp does steal every scene he’s in.

Perhaps if you split Carrey’s films as a star (ignoring his children’s movies) as serious and low brow then this could be considered middle brow. Not heavy but not Dumb and Dumber either.

I liked this film. And (sorry Danny…or as I’d better say Mr Wallace) I preferred it to the book because I know my reaction to it was better.

So when Jim Carrey was asked whether he wanted to do this movie. It was a good thing he said yes.

Until the next time.