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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Well as I’m writing this England are in the quarter finals of the World Cup having beaten Colombia on penalties. Yipppee!!! The weather is still hot. England win in a penalty shoot out and you still don’t think anything has changed in the world?

England now face Sweden. Who let’s not forget defeated Italy to get to the World Cup in the first place. They look like a team who battles for each other. Not unlike England under Gareth Southgate. It will be a tough game I suspect.

Now I’ve explained in a previous post that I’ve no problem with supporting Welsh Independence and supporting England in the World Cup. For the simple reason that football is different. I’m not going to repeat myself here but something has happened this morning which deserves a chat. Following England’s victory last night a BBC Radio Wales morning phone-in has asked the question now that England are through to the quarter finals of the World Cup “Are We All English Now”?

There is one response (well polite one anyway) to this question


Fans of Wales should not be expected to follow England. It doesn’t mean that you should be condemned if you do. But what’s wrong is the expectation here promulgated by the national Radio broadcaster that if England is in a competition and Wales are not then Welsh fans should like good little serfs move to the side across the bridge (yes that bridge).

Trust me also when I say that English fans will have no respect for Welsh fans who do this. And why should they? It’s not their team.

Let’s take the question to it’s logical conclusion. If Wales are out of the six nations rugby championship and England are not should Wales rugby fans support their nearest neighbour? Or if Cardiff City are out of the FA cup but Swansea City are not should bluebird fans suddenly go all Jack? Of course not. It’s a stupid, stupid, question for the BBC to broadcast. You have your own team which defines your nation’s identity. It’s who you are.

This though leads us into a different question.

Why did BBC Radio Wales broadcast it in the first place?

The national radio broadcaster should be representing the nation. Not discussing how it can be a lapdog of English success. Wales will not be respected as a country if it looks East in how it should think or act. For BBC Radio Wales to do this is a national disgrace from the national broadcaster.

If Welsh fans want to follow a team I’d suggest a nation that has relatively recently achieved independence in Europe. Probably the closest nation I’d suggest to Wales.

Croatia it is then.

Until the next time.