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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I have in this blog explained my return to work routine before. I’d come home at around 10:40pm and after doing the bits and pieces you need to do am ready to ping whatever microwave meal comes my way.

The meal itself would not be anything too exotic. The lateness of time and my belly would exclude that. Mainly I go for microwave Italian. Spaghetti, Lasagne you know the drill.

Anyway at about eleven I have a tray with the meal, a cup of tea and my backside is plonked onto the sofa and I watch the TV before my body says “That’s it. Time for sleep. Record this now or else you’ll be missing this as you nod off”

But the question now is what do I watch? Previously at this time have been happy to watch episodes of Castle or Bones but I’ve watched them all now so what next? Which is where I remembered this….

Radio Times Film Guide 2013

I bought it Jan/Feb this year in Harlow whilst I was wandering the town centre before visiting my mother in hospital. I don’t know why I bought it. Well actually I do. As the picture shows it cost me £2.50. The original price was £25.

So here’s the plan I’m going to watch films on the TV taking this book as the guide. There are two simple rules.

1) The film must be mentioned in the guide.

2) The film is shown on a free to air channel. That way everyone has the chance to watch it.

So for most movies we’re talking about two sittings,two microwave meals and more than two cups of tea.

And then I’ll chat about it.

Do I think I’ll complete the book? Of course not. It’s just a bit of fun.

So if you were thinking that what the world needed most of all was a fifty something man rambling about films over a microwave meal…then I’ve got it covered.

Until the next time.