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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Well at time of writing it’s 4:28am and I’m awake. Normally I’d blame insomnia for these rambling posts on an early morning and I still do. But this time it could be the Mediterranean weather that’s hit Wales which I mentioned on Monday and is still going strong. That last sentence by the way is one I never, ever, thought I would write.

But remember this. Wales has quantities of water. England hasn’t. And as I’ve written about in the past even a Corbyn government and the British Trades Union Movement could get colonial over it.

And still people don’t believe in climate change. Perhaps this question can change their minds.

When was the last time you could remember spring?

Big decision on the losing weight front. From tomorrow 1st July will stop eating crisps. Was going to do the farewell tour of the crisp flavours but I thought no, why add to Gary Lineker’s wages? So that’s it. No more crisps. And I tell you that will be a far tougher to stop than when I finished eating takeaway fast food.

The anti Welsh comments from the UKIP supporting chairman of Trago Mills is still making the headlines here in Wales. First quick update is this. They’ve changed the Twitter bio to include the fact that they now have a Merthyr Tydfil store (I’ll claim at least some of the credit for that. Sunstroke is making me immodest). Don’t give them a round of applause for this. The store was open in April!

I was wondering whether Trago Mills had some sort of Welsh government assistance  (whether local of national) in building the Merthyr store. I didn’t see it. Though it may be worth investigating further. After all they actually had planning permission fifteen years ago to build it. And it does seem to be well outside Trago’s comfort zone in the South West of England.

And yet again there has been silence from the cowardly streak of that is Welsh Labour. Here is a man who has opinions about Welsh culture that shows his utter contempt for the nation and yet they say and do nothing. Perhaps the Welsh National Health is in trouble when it cannot provide the party that runs the Welsh government  a transplant so that they have a new backbone?

Come to think of it. Why as I suggested in this blog before the Welsh Rugby Union hasn’t banned English coach Eddie Jones from attending next year’s six nations in Cardiff when the two teams meet for calling the nation “a s****y little country”. He insults the nation and yet the organisation that should take a stand has done nothing? Rugby is supposed to be a rough, tough sport but the WRU seem to have a difficulty in growing a pair on this issue.

Sun is out now. Crows are crowing…….Why can’t they learn to shut up?

Until the next time.