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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I have mentioned that blog villain and all round muppet (since it seems to be puppet week in this blog) Bridgend Labour council have embarked on a series of public spending cuts which despite what was promised do indeed affect the venerable.

Well the latest cuts announced by the council in a very curiously smug statement I saw revolves around the public conveniences in the area. I won’t go into in depth detail of the plans in Maesteg or Porthcawl but at first glance I suspect they will probably get away with it. (if you are interested let me again mention the dedicated blog to politics in the borough Oggy Bloggy Ogwr. Here is the site

However yet again the plans with regard to Bridgend Town suggests yet again it’s flushed down the pan of the council’s thoughts. And this needs to be examined.

The council has two public conveniences in the town. One is buy the bus station. Modern. Clean. The council proposes in it’s wisdom that people will need to spend more than a penny to use it in the future.

On the other side of the town. In the unfortunately named “Cheapside” the proposal is that unless they could do some sort of deal with a nearby shopping development they will close it down.

Now as it happens I have a picture of this building though as you will see what I was taking was the object in front.

The Worse Statue I Know – So Bad I Love It

Even that photo I think shows that we are not talking about a building that will win architectural lavatorial awards. Still it serves a purpose.

Now Bridgend Labour Council say that they have consulted with the public on this. But as I suggested previously I wondered whether it was some PR trick. After all if you were given a choice of death by hanging or firing squad, wouldn’t you rather have the extra option of not being killed at all?

Anyway the proposal is that should anyone around the area feel the call of nature they would go to local businesses nearby. Specifically the ASDA opposite.

If you live in the area or like me know it well then it seems fair enough. However if you are elderly or infirm or just a visitor this is not so simple. Unlike other large supermarkets I know, where the facilities are on the ground floor here you have to go up the escalators and walk across the first floor until you reach your destination. So you see not so easy.

I don’t know whether the Cheapside convenience is open through the night but neither is the ASDA. And on a Sunday it’s hours are 10am to 4pm. There are other places you could go to nearby but crucially whether they would be available would depend on the time they are required.

So you see this has not been thought through.

Now in itself it seems like a trivial gripe. But the point is that it’s just another thing people will remember about the time. Another reason possibly not to visit and go somewhere else instead for their business. Another line in the ever growing list of issues that has caused the town to be the urban tragedy I believe it has become and why the Bridgend Labour Council seems to run it like a crisis management situation with no discernible strategy for it’s future.

Bridgend Labour Council should be ashamed….I doubt it though.

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