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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.So you might think that the after the failure to support the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project which I chatted about a few posts ago, or the failure to provide rail electrification West of Cardiff, or the failure to understand what a renaming of a bridge to please a pensionable member of a privileged family means as an image of Wales, or the failure to understand that mega prisons in Wales housing English prisoners is not a good thing or the….but you get the drift.

So you might think that such a man as current Secretary of State, political slimeball,blog villain and stunt glove puppet for UK Conservatism  Alun Cairns would not survive a no confidence motion put by Plaid Cymru against him for the reasons given above.

But no…and I’ll explain why in a moment.

The motion would have only been symbolic. The Senedd would not have been able to have rid him from his post (to be preferably replaced by the more popular glove puppet Sooty – again mentioned in an earlier post this week). But the signal it would have sent would have been simple. The Welsh Parliament telling the London Parliament that it had no confidence in London’s man.

But not only did the Tories (expected) vote against. And UKIP (expected) ….but so did Welsh Labour.

Instead Welsh Labour went for a motion saying that Cairns failed Wales but did not go further. Their argument basically was that young parliament asserting itself against a person whose actions seem contrary was “gesture politics”. But was that really the reason?

My first theory when I heard about the failure to pass the No confidence motion was that the Conservatives were able to blackmail some Welsh Labour Assembly Members. Farmyard animals perhaps….or Satanic rituals…who knows? Although judging by the inept performance of some Labour AMs only devilish influence would really explain how they keep their jobs.

My mind though moved to a more simpler explanation. Welsh Labour do not if they can help it want to cause trouble with Westminster. They want to comfort themselves in their Cardiff Canal and that’s it. They are simply scared of causing any trouble.

They are cowards.

Off the top of my head the last time the Welsh parliament asserted itself was in the rise of Rhodri Morgan to First Minster. Carwyn Jones make moan a good moan when attacking conservatism but he has never taken a stand and fought for Wales’ case against Westminster. As his Brexit surrender to the pathetic Theresa May shows. When push comes to shove it’s Jones and his Welsh Labour cronies who are pushovers.

And if I ever hear a Welsh Labour person go on about the people’s flag being deepest red perhaps I should throw some yellow onto it…..all in the spirit of realism.

Until the next time.