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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Well as I am writing this the news has come up. The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon. Utilising modern and environmentally friendly energy for the years to come has been thrown out by the UK govt. They say the numbers are too expensive. And yet they were happy to throw money at the building of the nuclear power plant in Hinckley Point in Somerset or the third runway at Heathrow which as I’ve discussed are based on out of date economic figures as to it’s benefits to Wales.

Jobs in England yes. Jobs in Wales no.

Any sort of meaningful investment like the electrification of the rail line West of Cardiff is stopped by this government. What is Wales good for? Mega prisons, turning itself into some sort of royal theme park and storing mud from the nuclear power station in the aforesaid Hinckley Point apparently.

Even the Conservatives Party in Wales supported the building of the lagoon. Except it appears the Secretary of State for Wales and blog villain Alun Cairns. A man who despite the fact that he speaks Welsh fluently cannot shake off the impression that he wished he was English…..and taller.

But Westminster didn’t want it….and therefore Wales suffers again.

And let’s be clear here. The UK Conservative government are not the only ones to blame here. Welsh Labour are as we speak advocating themselves as the party of protest for Wales over this. Carwyn “It’s a crushing blow for Wales” Jones is trying to make people forget the emasculating deal he did with London over the Welsh powers post Brexit. I suspect he’s desperately trying to protect whatever “legacy” he’s got left before leaving the post of First Minster. But rather like Blair legacy is largely driven by events and so far at least it will leave him as the First Minster who surrendered Wales.

Welsh Government Finance Minister and favourite to take over Carwyn Jones as First Minister Mark Drakeford had the temerity to say “Wales has not had an effective voice in the cabinet table”. Well that’s true of course, after all Alun Cairns is so small I’d be surprised if he could put his head above the cabinet table.

But that doesn’t hide the fact that Wales does not have an effective voice from Cardiff either. The Conservative government in Westminster may not like Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP government, but they listen to them. Welsh Labour government however they feel confident to ignore. And let’s not forget that this is the weakest and most pathetic UK government in decades.

Carolyn Harris, deputy leader of Welsh Labour and also an MP condemned the decision. But what use is she? Have the 800 call centre jobs soon to be lost by the closure of the Virgin Media base there benefited from her position? No.

Towards the end of December last year I put in a post which suggested that the way things were going Wales was  becoming a “lost world”. A sort of backwater even compared solely to the rest of the UK. This decision heightens it. The only thing that can rescue Wales from this disaster is to move to the new world of independence. For as things stand the “Union” is that of a serf to it’s master.

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