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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.So this was the last day where you could watch three matches in that period in this World Cup. Only been able to do that one other day during this entire term. Something always stopped me otherwise. Whether it was work or even picking up my daughter from school.

Today (Sunday) was different for two reasons. One I could watch the games and two I could watch the games in relative quiet given that daughter was doing her thing and so was the wife having gone with “the girls” to watch Mr Ed (Sheeran) do his stuff in his Cardiff concert in the (shouldn’t be this name) Principality stadium.

A quick aside. I’m of an age where I know who Mr Ed is but I couldn’t tell you any of his songs if you paid me. What I didn’t realise was that it was probably a male thing. But no matter. I am a caring and compassionate husband so there were no arguments from me….given I could watch three World Cup matches in peace.

The first, of course was England Panama which as the whole of the English media will tell you was a 6-1 victory for England. It was a very weird England game where given the first half was 5-0 you felt comfortable at the break or in the second half where with thirty minutes to go Harry Kane and Jesse Lindgard (whose goal was stunning) were substituted and you thought “Oh Ok then”.

Of course Belgium is the real test. And you know full well that the Sieg Heil sections of the media will turn it into a “Brussels vs Brexit” thing which of course is the way the country is being informed now. Domestically (and I mean as in the wife) the crunch game will follow that one. England/Belgium having already qualified from their group the only issue being in what order. The teams they would face from Group H were unclear and still unclear after the next game Japan Senegal.

The Senegalese scored first. A team Phil Neville described as organised unlike other African teams (I wonder whether as England Women’s manager he reminisces out loud about Benny Hill). The Japanese equalised. I wish I could discuss their goal but, well…..I fell asleep.

I’m of an age now….don’t judge me.

Still I saw the full second half where both sides scored a goal a piece. 2-2 then. Entertaining game….the bits I saw anyway.

As the final match. Poland Columbia which really only got moving when Columbia scored late in the first half. Two more emphatic goals followed. The only certain thing in the group was that Poland were out. Columbia played some bright football. Though not as bright as the pink and white shirt summariser Ian Wright was wearing. If Putin instigated a fashion police squad Wright would have been locked up for wearing it. The good news was that it was the shirt that caused the problems on screen and not the TV on the blink.

Senegal then could qualify from Group H. The wife has Senegal on her workplace sweepstake. Senegal could face England in the start of the knockout rounds.

And the Domestics will begin.

Anyway thankyou Mr Ed. And if you want to visit Cardiff again please make it for June 2020…in time for the Euros.

Until the next time.