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I wonder  how as the the Welsh and Scottish governments  call Theresa May’s plan for the UK’s departure from the EU not “consistent with the national interest” how much the First Minister of Scotland trusts the Third Rate Minister of Wales to stick with her.
 The Welsh governments after all capitulated over the long-running Brexit “power-grab” row relating to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill back in April leaving Scotland alone.
I am not saying that we would not have seen the gone in 15 minutes power grab that saw the UK government ignore the wishes of the majority of the Scottish parliament ( the minority being “Scottish” Tories, but they case was made easier.
 In a speech in London last week, Carwyn Jones called on Theresa May to “come clean” on Brexit and put the national interest ahead of her party
How can he say this after handing powers back to Westminster  and the Tories.
When he sats National Interst he is not refeing to Wales is he?

The two leaders  issued a statement urging the prime minister to pledge to stay in the EU’s single market and customs union.Ministers from Cardiff and Edinburgh join the UK and Irish governments later for a British Irish Council meeting.

The UK government said it was committed to maintaining a good working relationship with the Welsh Government.

Before the meeting in Guernsey, the cabinet office minister said despite the “inevitable political noise” as the UK prepares for Brexit, he would “ensure that we maintain the depth of our ongoing engagement” with the devolved governments.
David Lidington said: 

“Working together is exactly what people all across the UK want to see their respective governments doing. They want to see their lives being improved through joint endeavour.
“They don’t expect different governments – with politicians from different parties – to agree on everything.
“But they do expect us to keep talking – and listening – to each other, and to co-operate on the big issues that affect us all.”

Mr Lidington’s message was directed in particular towards the Scottish Government, which has failed to reach agreement with ministers in Westminster over issues relating to devolution after Brexit. 

However it is clear that while he accepts that Wales and Scotland  could disagree with Westminster all they can do is to talk about it.

In the end Westminster will certainly simply ignore us. What kind of democracy is this?
Third Class Minister  Carwyn Jones  and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon have joined together to make a similar call ahead of the British Irish Council meeting, saying that the prime minister’s plan to leave the EU’s single market and customs union is increasingly difficult to reconcile with her “position on issues such as customs arrangements and regulatory alignment”.
They both said:

 “She cannot come clean because she is held hostage by the Brexiteers in her cabinet and party. This cannot continue.
“We call on the UK government in its forthcoming White Paper to commit to staying inside the single market and customs union recognising that this will require continued alignment with the EU regulatory environment.”

I am sure that  Nicola Sturgeon would prefer it was Leanne Jones  joining her, but she is left with Carwyn who has betrayed her once and could well do again.