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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Today has brought the news that Airbus has threatened pulling out of the UK, and essentially Wales should Brexit turn out to be the hardman option it’s fanatics support. Consequently causing thousands of redundancies. Mainly in it’s factory in Broughton North Wales.

Trust me when Wales makes the UK headline news it’s rarely for anything pleasant. We have the all too common sight now of a Labour politico standing outside the factory bemoaning the actions of the Conservative govt. Ditto tweets sent by Welsh Labour officials blaming the Conservatives/Brexiteers for this situation.

Now of course if Brexit turns out to be as disastrous as those of us who voted Remain feared or (as I suspect) it won’t be as bad as feared but worse than before then the Conservative government/Brexiteers are the first in the queue with regard to blame. However in terms of Wales Welsh Labour cannot wash it’s hands from position the country finds itself in.

Wales voted for Brexit as I’ve chatted about before. But I believe people didn’t vote to throw themselves off a cliff. That Labour MP I spoke about? He voted against the UK going into the single market earlier in the week. Following the edict of his colonial master Corbyn. Bet he’s not going to remind people of that now is he? Blame the Tories, Blame the Brexiteers but don’t blame me as I go back into my relatively secure job.

And the Welsh Labour government in the Assembly has been noticeably quiet unless goaded into action by such headlines. What has the Welsh government done since Brexit apart from meekly allow powers that should go straight to Cardiff from Brussels to stay in Westminster for seven years/ Nothing really. Do you see them battle in the way the SNP are doing for Scotland?  You do that comparison and you realise how pathetic they truly are.

Carwyn Jones was described to me on Twitter today as “demob happy”. Thing is his “legacy” will partly depend the result of the Carl Sargeant enquiry but also on the state of Wales when he leaves. He knows that should Wales become an industrial wasteland part of the attack will stick with him and Welsh Labour. No amount of blame shifting could hide this.

So as the cliff edge approaches Welsh Labour have left control with a driver blindfolded from the consequences of the route taken. They will not be thanked for the consequences.

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