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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.It is as I’m writing this 5:16am in the morning. I’ve nothing to do until about eight. So it’s another wander around everything and anything post because I can’t sleep.

It’s also Father’s Day. Which I will be spending in the traditional manner of sitting on the sofa and watching football. There will be three matches on today thanks to the World Cup in Russia. Perhaps then I should thank Vladimir Putin for this Father’s Day present (and they say he’s a power hungry dictator!). I’m sure wife/daughter would also want to thank him for me watching football whilst they twiddle their thumbs for the day.

Mind you don’t feel too sorry for them. I mean…Love Island for goodness sake!

Watched just two matches so far in the World Cup because of work so am looking forward to seeing them. Though with my luck I’ll probably doze off and find myself awake to Poldark.

Here is the one piece of Father’s Day advice I’ll ever give. So pay attention. If your child gives you a DVD of Daddy Daycare starring Eddie Murphy watch it. It’s a funny and entertaining movie. If however your offspring also gives you Daddy Daycare 2 (starring Cuba Gooding Junior!!) do your level best to avoid seeing it and then throw it away when no one will notice. One of the worst films I’ve ever seen. I still carry the mental scars.

It’s so bad I’d happily watch Love Island instead.

I’ve told my daughter to just get me a £15 Amazon gift voucher and I’d be happy enough thank you very much. But I’ve noticed a multi-pack of Marmite Crisps badly hidden. For the record Marmite Crisps is the drug I can’t resist. Not since they stopped doing Bovril crisps anyway. I loved Bovril Crisps. Ate them by the ton….hated Bovril though.

I note with interest Penguin Paperbacks decision to create a book catalogue which is more diverse to modern day Britain and the controversy that has arisen because of it. Personally I think of this as a publicity stunt given that they derecognised trade unions (I mentioned this in a previous post. It caused me to change the parameters of my Penguin/Pelican paperback collection. I know…First World Problems!).

How can you advocate diversity but not trade union rights I ask myself?

Chief news is apparently there will be a “Brexit Dividend” for the NHS which will be partly taken from tax increases. Hold on a minute. I thought that all of the money was going to be taken by the money previously spent on the EU.

That’s what the bus said.

Right now things to do. Don’t want anything to interrupt the footy later.

Until the next time.