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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I have spoken before that of all sports it’s cricket where Wales has all but disappeared from view and is instead incorporated into England and is subsequently almost forgotten. It’s example is probably one of the reasons why a sport like football deliberately asserts it’s independence.

No one after all says the English and Wales Cricket Board do they? The acronym is the ECB. What other sport is there in Britain where there is an international game  being played today in Cardiff and the home team is England ?

If you look at the ECB website what do you see when you look at the fixtures but a batsman with the slogan “WE ARE ENGLAND CRICKET” not as it technically should be “WE ARE ENGLAND AND WALES CRICKET” (not as punchy a slogan but, you know, factually correct)

There have been attempts at a Welsh cricket team but it always fails due I would suspect from establishment pressure. Currently one of the people against such an idea of a country actually having it’s own team is the chief executive of Glamorgan Huw Morris. Perhaps if he stepped back and wondered how it is that one South Walian county that plays mainly in Cardiff is meant to represent an entire nation at top county cricket level he’d think again.

Royal London Cricket, the sponsors of the summers One Day Internationals are offering through a competition tickets to these games (which let’s be fair included today’s Cardiff match). To advertise these they have used legendary Test Match Special commentator Henry Blofield who begins the ad as follows…

“Cricket fans of England”.

And there’s the point. People who worry about the Wales losing it’s identity through being submerged with it’s larger neighbour should look at cricket as the example of it’s consequences. I repeat again. In what other sport would England be the home team in a fixture not held in England?

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