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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Many, many, unfortunately too many years ago I started my working life using the London Underground for my working commute. In the beginning it all seemed rather exciting to be part of the throng entering the capital city for the day but in the end it was tiring and rather soul destroying. Of which more later.

I say all of this because yesterday we learnt the news that the new Welsh railway franchise holder Vivarail (a name that instantly makes you think of Welsh travel) will be using old (and I mean so old that they could have been trains I used in the eighties) along Welsh railway lines from next summer.

So yet again Wales have been given what is probably the cheapest and laughing rolling stock option to deal with a situation without taking the interests of customers (ie the people who actually use and pay for the service) into account. Other than Plaid Welsh politicians have apparently just turned a blind eye to this. I assume when Welsh Labour talk about “For the Many” it’s is just the misery that is shared equally amongst the passengers. These politicos are assuming that the Welsh voter will just accept what is given and is too nice to complain.

Now apparently these trains will be “gutted and updated”. Let me make it clear here. That’s no reason to be cheerful. I could have a heart attack tomorrow and have a new one fitted in. But the shell is still going to be over fifty years old. Also with regard to the servicing of these trains they will need to be cared for to the nth degree precisely because the body is so old.

The thing is. When I was commuting on these trains they broke down when they were supposed to be young and fresh. The eighties were the decade when a supposed general reputation in the reliability of London underground trains broke down with the same frequency the machines did.

Coming soon to Wales folks.

There’s something else too. They are probably the worst trains to be stuck in if packed. they are also the worst if it’s broken down in the middle of nowhere (and they will) being the most stuffy and uncomfortable I’ve experienced.

Coming soon to Wales folks.

Who cares if they will have wi-fi installed? Do you know what else has wi-fi installed? New trains.

No amount of refurbishment and glossing up the train company does can hide the fact Wales have got the worst possible option…yet again….and Welsh Labour allowed it….yet again.


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