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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I have written on this blog before about a Jeremy Corbyn government for Wales. I have suggested that Plaid Cymru supporters would have to brace themselves for losses in whenever the next general election should be as Welsh people might further vote for the Labour party in the hope of getting the Tories out and then to flex ourselves into action as on seeing an unsuccessful Labour and Conservative administrations turn to Plaid to run Wales.

What I did not expect was the possibility that a Corbyn government might be as overtly colonial as the current one. But the first sign of this has occurred is that the GMB union has called for Welsh water to be supplied to London and the South East in case of drought “for the national interest”.

Let’s be clear here. It’s not the national interest, it’s a regional one. The proposal suggests that should the South East need it Wales should willingly provide it with a national resource. Wales should not be made to use it’s resources to cover the problems of the privatised Thames Water. It’s their equivalent of North Sea oil. For a Trades Union not to realise how colonial that proposal sounds beggars belief. It would be interesting to wonder by the way how the GMB Welsh branch responded.

Wales has authority with regard to these matters along with Westminster. But we have seen from recent events the Welsh Labour administration surrendered to this laughable current Conservative UK government so presumably it would be a lapdog to a future Socialist one.

It’s not that Welsh water shouldn’t be transferred to London and the South East in the event of drought, but there would be a need to make sure that the needs of the people living in Wales were catered to first, that there would be no possibility of a Tryweryn style action by the Water companies, that the South East would pay Wales for the product and that all profits would come to and be invested in Wales.

Anything less than that would be surrender by the Welsh administration.

Anything less than that would show Corbyn and the British Trade Union movement treating Wales as the last colony.

And who would have thought that possible?

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